Financial support


Submission dates:

You can submit your proposal any time.

We will let you know when you can expect a response.

The Board meets and processes applications four times annually.

Applications should be submitted at least four months before the project starts.

Overlong applications or proposals submitted with incomplete forms and/or without the required additional documents cannot be considered.

Applications are processed based in order of the submission date, and applicants generally receive an answer within 3 months from that date. In cases where questions arise or in the event of unexpected difficulties there may be delays.

We are happy about all applications, but we always receive more submissions than the foundation can support. Therefore, rejections are unfortunately unavoidable. We ask for your understanding that we do not communicate the details of rejection decisions.




As a first step, we recommend to read the criteria for sponsorship and exclusion.


Answer the questions in the Pre-Check.


Current beneficiaries can only submit a new project after the previous funding has been formally completed.



Application form: please fill in all the form fields and submit the proposal online together with the additional documentation (Budget, CVs, additional project info, banking info). You will receive a message informing you when you can expect our feedback.


Projects sufficiently meeting the sponsorship criteria will be discussed at the next possible board meeting.

If the application is approved by the board we will inform you in writing with the details (amount, conditions, dates).


We will contact you should we need additional information.

Rejections are unfortunately unavoidable. We strive to inform you as soon as possible of a negative decision.

Project duration


For projects continuing over several years the Foundation requires a short interim report per year (using our form) before approving and transferring the next tranche.

Any changes in the information on the application (e.g. personnel, financing, project content) must be promptly reported to the Foundation.


A short, 2-3 pages max., final report of your own design and a completed copy of the Stiftung Drittes Millennium’s online evaluation form must be submitted within 6 months of the project’s conclusion.


Until the final report and evaluation are approved, no new application can be considered and the final 10% of the support for the completed project will not be released.