The Foundation for the Third Millennium
promotes sustainability in all sectors of society.

More specifically, we promote action that places equal emphasis on responsible behavior in relationship to environmental, economic and social activities.

Only a shift in values and increased consciousness of the impact of our behaviour can truly promote sustainability. While the foundation’s board is convinced that the process of dialogue and reflection is an effective way of working towards this goal, our focus is on the implementation of practical projects restoring or relieving the pressure on the ecosphere. We believe that learning by doing is the best way for sustainable change.

The Stiftung Drittes Millennium supports projects that emphasize self-help, and include significant proportions of education and awareness raising as well as practical training and implementation and show promise of becoming self-supporting. The projects also have to meet the sustainability criterion of balanced components of social justice, economic stability and ecological responsibility.

We believe that dialogue is essential for the success of such projects. The character of our work is international and is confessionally, politically and culturally neutral.


Exhibition «A Walk Through Time…»
May 6th – June 6th, 2023:
in Lucerne/Switzerland, along the lakeside promenade
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Exhibition «A Walk Through Time…»
Planning for 2024 is on-going

What we do

Financial support

We cooperate with organizations pursuing a holistic approach to sustainability.

Consult «Financial support» to learn about our sponsorship criteria and application process.


Our traveling exhibition «A Walk Through Time … from Stardust to us» and other activities want to inspire and motivate people from all ages to contribute to the conservation of our planet, the basis of all life.

Background info

Would you like to know more about sustainability?

We compiled a short selection of recommended books and websites to show different aspects of sustainability in society, economy and ecology.