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Gaias Vermächtnis. Plädoyer für eine integrale Weltsicht (Verlag Rüffer & Rub)

In his book (German edition only), Hans-Rudolf Zulliger shows that the world is like a living organ that can only sustain life in its present form if it is intact. Preserving life therefore means living not only bio-sustainability, but also social justice and economic responsibility. A wholesome worldview demands an awareness that everything the individual does affects all life – today and for all future generations.

– 2018, 208 pages, Book, German.
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Exhibition catalogue
Walk through time…

– 2018, 3rd revised edition, with colour reproductions of all 52 exhibition displays

29 pages, Ring-binderA4 format, German

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  • A Walk Through Time: From Stardust to Us: The Evolution of Life on Earth, Sidney Liebes, Elisabeth Sahtouris, Brian Swimme (nur auf Englisch)
  • Leben: Vom Ursprung zur Vielfalt, Lynn Margulis, Dorion Sagan, Spektrum Akademischer Verlag 1999, ISBN: 3-8274-0524-6
  • Die Reise ins lebendige Leben, Joanna Macy, Molly Young Brown
  • Die Erd-Charta
  • Grenzen des Wachstums—The 30-Year Update: Signal zum Kurswechsel, Donella H. Meadows, Jörgen Randers, Dennis Meadows

  • Die Grenzen des Denkens: Wie wir sie mit System erkennen und überwinden können , Donella H. Meadows
  • New World, New Mind: Moving Toward Conscious Evolution, Robert E. Ornstein, Paul R. Ehrlich
  • The Geography of Thought: How Asians and Westerners Think Differently…and Why, Richard Nisbett
  • Them and Us: Cult Thinking and the Terrorist Threat, Arthur J. Deikman, Doris Lessing (Foreword)
  • Flucht in die Gewissheit, Werner Huth (out of stock)
  • The Master Game, Robert S. de Ropp

  • Das Harvard-Konzept, Roger Fisher, William Ury, Bruce Patton
  • Schwierige Verhandlungen, William Ury
  • Gute Beziehungen, Roger Fisher, Scott Brown
  • Gewaltfreie Kommunikation, Marshall B. Rosenberg
  • The Third Side: Why We Fight and How We Can Stop, William L. Ury

  • Capitalism at the Crossroads: The Unlimited Business Opportunities in Solving the World’s Toughest Problems, Stuart L. Hart
  • Consumer’s Guide to Effective Environmental Choices: Practical Advice from the Union of Concerned Scientists, Michael Brower, Warren Leon, Union of Concerned Scientists Staff
  • Ökokapitalismus, Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, L. Hunter Lovins
  • Faktor vier. Doppelter Wohlstand—halbierter Naturverbrauch, Ernst von Weizacker, Amory Lovins, L. Hunter Lovins

  • Creating Regenerative Cities, Herbert Girardet, 216 pages, ISBN-13: 978-0415724463 (also available for Kindle)
  • Sustainability is for Everyone, Alan AtKisson, 49 pages, ISBN-13: 978-0991102204 (also available for Kindle)
  • Unser ökologischer Fussabdruck. Wie der Mensch Einfluss auf die Umwelt nimmt, William E. Rees und Mathis Wackernagel
  • The Sustainability Revolution: Portrait of a Paradigm Shift, Andres R. Edwards, David W. Orr (Vorwort)
  • Die Aufgaben des Weltzukunftsrates, Jakob von Uexkull, Herbert Girardet