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Our Focus

The Stiftung Drittes Millennium primarily supports projects that emphasize helping people help themselves, especially if these projects include significant proportions of education and practical training and show promise of becoming self-supporting. An additional emphasis is on projects that meet the sustainability criterion of balanced components of social justice, economic stability and ecological responsibility. We believe that dialogue is essential for the success of such projects.

We cooperate with recognized organizations to maximize our support’s effectiveness. The character of our work is international and confessionally, politically and culturally neutral.

The growing gap between rich and poor, the ongoing destruction of our natural environment, wars and the accelerated consumption of non-renewable resources all threaten our society. A change of course, a shift away from these trends is urgently needed. We believe that humanity possesses the intelligence and ability to deal with its problems. But for this an evolution in consciousness is required, coupled with the active participation of everyone who understands the profound truth that we all live on one finite planet. In itself, alleviating the world’s ever-increasing misery will not be enough; reassessing the structures that contribute to this suffering and working to change them are also necessary.