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Exhibition "Walk through time" at the Lassalle Haus

Exhibition «Schritte durch die Zeit… vom Sternenstaub zu uns»

(Original English version: A Walk Through Time… from stardust to us)

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Exhibition period : May 6th – June 6th, 2023
Address: Lucerne/Switzerland, along the lakeside promenade

Complete details are available on the website of the Exhibition.

Book Gaias Vermächtnis

Publication: «Gaias Vermächtnis. Plädoyer für eine integrale Weltsicht»

Available in German only (Gaia’s legacy. A plea for an integral view of the world)

The author, Hans-Rudolf Zulliger, shows in his book that the world is a living organ allowing life only in its entirety. To preserve life means not only bio-sustainability but also social justice and economic responsibility. An integral view of the world is based on the understanding that any individual action influences all life – today and for future generations.