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Exhibition "Walk through time" at the Lassalle Haus

Exhibition «Schritte durch die Zeit… vom Sternenstaub zu uns»

(Original English version: A Walk Through Time… from stardust to us)

The exhibition cannot be visited at the moment. Currently, free rental is possible in Switzerland until late fall 2024.

Complete details are available on the website of the Exhibition.

Book Gaias Vermächtnis

Publication: «Gaias Vermächtnis. Plädoyer für eine integrale Weltsicht»

Available in German only (Gaia’s legacy. A plea for an integral view of the world)

The author, Hans-Rudolf Zulliger, shows in his book that the world is like a living organ allowing life only in its entirety. To preserve life means not only bio-sustainability but also social justice and economic responsibility. An integral view of the world is based on the understanding that any individual action influences all life – today and for future generations.