Chelsea exposure Jan. 15 million purchase Italian striker then hit Inter Milan midfielder gates +1 sorcerer

News from England and Italy and new york giants jerseys other media , the Inter Milan midfielder melon forest is expected to open in the winter transfer window to join Chelsea , the Blues for his transfer fee paid is about 1500 pounds. In addition, the Italian international defender Ranocchia and French magician cheap mlb jerseys defender Kurt - Zuma also exists the possibility to join the Blues .

News from the Italian " cheap new york giants jerseys Gazzetta dello Sport" , said the introduction of Inter Milan midfielder Chelsea winter melon forest transfer is expected to be completed in the coming weeks , Chelsea 's offer for its 1200 pounds. But then the news from "The Guardian" , cheap mlb jerseys said the Inter offer £ 1,200 for Chelsea not interested , so they have rejected the offer Blues .

But after being rejected new york giants jerseys quoted upfront , Chelsea decided to offer up to 1,500 pounds. " Gazzetta dello Sport" famous reporter Tancredi - Palmieri on his Twitter says : "heavy melon forest Chelsea offer increased to 18 million Euro ( equivalent to 1500 pounds ) , wholesale mlb jerseys the deal very much! close to completion . "

And Palmieri , Italy and broke the cheap new york giants jerseys transfer news reporter turns to Dumas , famous in their own official website chio also revealed that due to Mazar 's team wants to buy a striker , so Inter must sell people, and melon Lin is currently their only player to receive a quote . As melon forest to join the team , Dumas chio Chelsea is also clear that , " the melon Lin leaving Italy , Mourinho is waiting for him ! " wholesale mlb jerseys As melon forest transfer fee, Dumas also said it would chio will be around 1500 pounds.

Subsequently, the " Daily new york giants jerseys Mail" reported that Chelsea also intends to introduce melon forest news, the media also made ​​it clear that this move has been very close to completion , as long as Inter Milan to come up with 15 million pounds transfer fee immediately. In addition , Authentic MLB jerseys according to Italian media "Mediaset" broke the news that Chelsea melon Lin will sign a contract for a period of four and a half years .

This year 27 -year-old melon forest in cheap new york giants jerseys January 2012 to join Inter on loan itself , followed by Inter Milan in June buyout , buyout cost of 11 million Euro ( equivalent to 930 pounds ) . So far this season , the Colombian striker scored for Inter played in 16 games and Authentic MLB jerseys contributed three goals and three assists , field can contribute 1.5 times the threat passes . If he eventually joined Chelsea , it will bring great vitality to the Blues midfield.

In addition to melon forest ,new york giants jerseys the Inter defender Ranocchia may also join Chelsea . News from the "Daily Express" said that because David - Lewis possibility exists move to Barcelona , Mourinho has therefore the Italian international defender as the number one goal defense signings . The message from the "Mirror" , said the Inter coach due Mazari very interested in Lewis , so far does not exclude Ranocchia cheap jerseys from china and Luis swap club possible. 25 -year-old Ranocchia 1 meter tall and 95 so far this season, played 13 games for the Inter Serie A and have a ball fetched , had been identified as Inter's not for sale . Therefore , Chelsea wants to introduce his difficulty is quite large .

Addition , Nokia , currently playing in the French Ligue St Etienne 19 -year-old defender Kurt magician - one of Zuma also intends to introduce the Chelsea goal . "cheap new york giants jerseys Mirror" had previously reported that Mourinho's team intends quoted 1000 pounds in the winter to bring it to Stamford Bridge . 1 meter tall and 87 in this season's Ligue Zuma has played in 11 games , but in November of Saint-Etienne Sochaux 0-0 to get a red card foul game , so he was sentenced to a suspended 10 games punishment. In addition to Chelsea , cheap jerseys from china but Manchester City are also very much want to introduce him.

In addition to the signings , new york giants jerseys the Blues array was also likely to leave in the winter. News from the "Sky Sports" said Leverkusen and Wolfsburg Bundesliga in January next year intends to sign Ruqieerxi young midfielder Bruyne. In addition, Dortmund . Schalke 04 , Hamburg and Bremen have also heard from other teams interested in the introduction to his message. And Bruyne like, " Daily Mail" said Essien is also likely to leave in the